3 Beach Travel Destinations in Indonesia Suitable for Filming Aquaman Films. The charm is not lost!

Have you watched a DC movie, Aquaman? The superhero film with a figure with human ancestry and Atlantis is the most exciting film at the end of this year. Released on December 14, 2018, the film Aquaman successfully dominated the global box office ladder. Aquaman digadanggadang is one of the best films from DC Comics. No wonder cinemas are crowded with teenagers and young people to watch Aquaman’s films. Understandably, this film was released at the moment of school holidays at the end of the year. So euphoria is so lively in various theaters in big cities.

This time we just want to discuss tourist destinations in Indonesia that are also suitable for filming Aquaman. As an archipelago and has many beautiful beaches, Indonesia has many decent tourist attractions for filming the film. Where’s the beach?

Raja Ampat is a symbol of heavenly beauty in the ocean. Limestone hills and the beauty of colorful coral reefs, fit into the real setting of Atlantis. It seems that nothing can rival the beauty of Raja Ampat

raja ampat via www.liveaboard.com

Not only above the surface, the sea also contains extraordinary natural resources ranging from coral reefs to hordes of fish

rich in aquaman right via www.girlsthatscuba.com

Belitung has a lighthouse tower similar to the lighthouse where Arthur’s parents (Aquaman) meet. Try shooting it in Belitung, cute ‘right?

welcome to Belitung! via anekatempatwisata.com

Padar Island in the Komodo Islands can be the most suitable place to become the center of the Trench kingdom, where there are wild creatures who are the guards. It’s suitable, right there, it’s also famous for the ancient Komodo creatures that are still left

padar island via www.escapejournal.co

Practical Guide to Make Passports Immediately Go Abroad. Whoever You Are, Definitely Need This!

The data-based era of civilization is not a ‘wow’ thing when traveling abroad. Easier access, more cheap airline tickets, up to the trend of backpacking that doesn’t drain the bag should be enough reason to go abroad. Especially now there are almost no difficulties, besides your finances. But it can be tricked anyway. One thing that you should have and cannot be bargained for, that is passport! Why is the passport important? A passport is your identity while you are abroad. Whether your destination is learning, traveling or just taking a conference, your passport is the most important thing you have.

Let your plans abroad be more beautiful, Hipwee Travel will help you make your passport easily. It’s quite a bit rempong, but hopefully you can understand this explanation. Come see carefully and immediately make your own passport.

The first stage, you must have an intention to go abroad. You don’t have to now, but later you want to go abroad. Let your passport be useful. It’s a shame, it’s already made but it’s not used!

A passport is an official document issued by a country that contains the identity of the passport owner in the form of name, photo, signature, place of birth, national information and other information to travel between countries. A passport will be checked on the border between countries as a document of entry from one country to another. Well, you know the importance of a passport. You have to have it so you can go abroad immediately.

For those of you who want to go abroad whether you want to go to school, work, traveling or just a conference, you must prepare your passport if you don’t have one. While if you have no plans abroad, make your passport first. Later you will not collapse when suddenly you have to go abroad. For example, get a work call in Singapore, want to honeymoon in Nepal or just get a promo ticket to Thailand. You must be ready when those moments come. Let me not bother to take care of it impromptuly. I just made it. At the same time pray for going abroad immediately.

Next, you must specify whether you want to make your passport online or offline. Both of them have their own plus and minus.

If you want to make it online, you register via the official website provided by the Directorate General of Immigration of the Republic of Indonesia. If you are clueless, just go offline or come alone and queue at the Immigration Office. The advantage of online is that you can complete your files directly through an online mechanism or via the internet. Practical and does not waste time. More efficient and easier too. But precisely the weakness of the online system is that it cannot be taken care of one day.

Well, the offline system does make you queue long at the Immigration Office. But if you get lucky when the queue is a little you can even directly collect files, interviews and just pay in just a matter of hours. You only need to go there again to pick it up when the passport is ready. Well, it’s even more efficient. Just have to wait in line. Things that for some people are considered a waste of time.

Okay, we will discuss the online passport registration procedure first. Complete explanation on the next page. Let’s be well understood.

The Coldest Village in the World The Temperature Reaches -67 Degrees Celsius.

Hipwee Travel has often discussed beautiful, unique, Instagramable villages to the richest villages in the world. The villages always steal attention and make people curious to visit it. Especially with the presence of social media, the trend of traveling to villages has also increased.

But what about this one village, Oymyakon. Are you interested in visiting this remote village in Siberia, Russia? What is there in the village? The village of Oymyakon in Siberia is a village predicated as the coldest village in the world! The average temperature in January as of now reaches -50 degrees Celsius, you know!

Come see interesting facts in the village of Oymyakon reported by the Daily Mail.

The village of Oymyakon is the coldest place on the face of the earth inhabited by residents. The coldest temperature record was recorded by a thermometer at a temperature of -67 degrees Celsius

A village in Siberia, Russia, named Oymyakon was named the coldest village in the world. This village is the coldest place that humans still live in. In 1933, the coldest record ever reached -67 degrees Celsius. Finally, a digital thermometer breaks when the temperature is at -62 degrees Celsius. Indeed, Antarctica records cooler temperatures, but no humans live there. This village is 2 days away from the provincial capital, Yakutsk. This city is also the coldest city in the world. With an average temperature of -50 degrees Celsius, you can imagine the life of Oymyakon’s residents. How come the humans live there?

This is the extreme reality that happened there. If you go out in the winter, your hair and eyebrows will soon become full because of ice. Horrified too …

Many things don’t make sense when at extreme temperatures. One example is eyelashes and eyebrows and immediately filled with ice when you go out in winter. The ink pen often froze, the glasses froze and stuck to the face, the car fuel froze and the cellphone battery dropped immediately and there was no signal that could enter there. Even to bury humans is a hassle. It took 3 days to bury the body because of the hardness of the land that had been covered with ice. Digging it must also be by melting the ice first with hot coal, then digging little by little until enough for a coffin. It’s really extreme living in a place like this.

This village was once a stopover for deer herders around 1920-1930’s. The government of the Soviet Union also made this haven into the Village of Oymyakon. Strong super humans live there

This village is inhabited by 500 villagers who can be classified as strong humans because they can live in super-extreme places like this. As a comparison, Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal (4,130 masl) which is covered in thick snow when winter just falls -20 degrees and feels very painful in the body. How can you live at an average temperature of -50 degrees if you are not a strong human being.

Most of their jobs are deer herders, hunters and also fish finders. Because there are no plants that can grow here, they always eat venison, fish or horses. Their nutrition is sufficient because the milk they consume contains many micronutrient nutrients.

It turns out this is the most luxurious airplane in the world, imagine you are traveling by driving it

Pesawat paling mewah di dunia via http://brightside.me

Traveling in a comfortable vehicle is everyone’s dream. Especially if you can use a vehicle that is special or even luxurious. Etihad Airways embodies this dream by turning its A380 aircraft into a more luxurious, private apartment. More than a year ago, the airline company modified its aircraft, including its exterior appearance.

As reported by brightside.me, this aircraft consists of two floors which are divided into 4 classes: economy class, business class, first class, and resident class. Luxury classes are located on the top floor, while economy class is on the lower floor. FYI, the economy class is super comfortable. Curious, what are the conditions on the plane? Let’s pretend to ride this plane with Hipwee!

  • Welcome Etihad Airways passengers, thank you for choosing our airline
Dari luar sudah keren!
  • This is the resident class display, the most luxurious class on the most luxurious aircraft. The area is 12 square meters specifically for 2 people.
  • Prices for this class, from Abu Dhabi to London, cost almost 300 million Rupiah and have been sold for the next year
  • The facilities are a living room (there is a mini theater), a bedroom, and a bathroom with a shower. This is his bedroom, ulala ~
  • For first class passengers, the room is no less luxurious. With an area of 5 square meters it costs around 120 million rupiahs, you want?
  • In the first class, the partitions have windows that can be opened and allow you to chat with “neighbors”
  • Rest rooms in the first class are no less luxurious, surely make you feel at home and comfortable
  • You can turn the chair into a bed and enjoy delicious food and your favorite TV shows
  • Each passenger also gets high-quality facilities during the trip, from toothbrushes to headphones
  • Intrigued by the aircraft cabin? This is the room
  • Usually the cabin crew rest in this place, located right behind the cabin

5 Nonsense Items Carried by Airplane Passengers in 2018.

For those who have already boarded a plane, they must know that not all items can get on the plane. For example sharp objects such as knives, chemicals in the form of gases, blunt objects, processed products from animals, and also liquid objects more than 100 milliliters, and others. Powerbank also has rules for the game, not just Powerbanks can enter the plane.

In 2018 there were various ‘strange’ and unreasonable items that were carried by passengers to board the plane. The items were uploaded on Instagram @tsa, namely the transportation security department in America. Fortunately, the airport security has secured the items before entering the plane.

  • Python snakes want to be brought into the cabin by inserting it into a hard drive. Do you think this passenger is healthy or not, how come you can bring a python to the airport?
  • One of the plane passengers at the St Louis Airport airport brought a neatly wrapped sword. Bring a sword like this, maybe the passenger is going to war next time. It’s really dangerous to bring a sword like this
  • Everyone should know that carrying bombs is strictly prohibited anywhere, including at the airport. So even carrying a replica or a fake bomb won’t work. Very horror if you know there is a bomb on the plane. At the Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) airport there were passengers who were caught carrying replicas of bombs
  • Still at the same airport, there are also passengers who carry axes with scary looks like this. Obviously it will be secured by airport officials
  • Bringing fireworks or firecrackers has also been carried out by a passenger at the Detroit Metro airport. Don’t try it, surely I’ll be caught

Let’s Find Entertainment While Adding Knowledge and Insight!

Running a monotonous daily routine often makes us bored. Have you ever felt like living like this, repeatedly doing the same activities, like a robot controlled by time? Well, if you feel like that, it’s good to immediately take time for refreshing. Talking about refreshing, is closely related to tourist attractions. Visiting tourist attractions or sightseeing is something that is very popular with children, considering the world of children is the world of play and learning. Not only popular with children, for adults even sightseeing can be used for quality time with family and refreshing the brain from a variety of fatigue. There are various tourist attractions that we can make a destination, besides playing, there are also tourist attractions that offer science for us.

  • Zoo

Zoos are the right choice for introducing various kinds of animals to children, both from the names of animals and their groups. Besides being able to see animals directly, visiting zoos is also one way to grow love for animals.

  • Museum

Other tourist destinations that can add knowledge are museums. In addition to presenting historical information, the museum also displays the cultural heritage of the people that are preserved there. Historical heritage in the museum also depends on the type of museum.

  • Planetarium

Not only offering entertainment, visiting a planetarium can also increase knowledge, especially about the history of the universe. In addition to being able to enjoy the thrill of performing the movements of stars and celestial objects, you can also find out about astronomy from various books and journals available in the library there. There are several planetariums in Indonesia that you can make a destination, one of them is the Jakarta Planetarium

  • Sea World

If you are a fan of marine animals, but are afraid to dive, then visiting Sea World is one of the right ways. Sea World is located in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, North Jakarta. Not only is the miniature of marine life beautifully presented, you can also add insight into marine life from the information printed under the aquarium. In addition to collecting various types of marine life, Sea World was also developed to increase knowledge about the life of freshwater biota.

  • Bookstore

Looking for entertainment that does not only have to go to a tourist spot, you can make an alternative bookstore to get rid of fatigue in carrying out the routine. In addition to refreshing because of the new atmosphere, to bookstores is one of the efforts to increase our reading interest. Reporting from Lombok Pos (Jawa Pos Group), Indonesia’s literacy rate is ranked 60th out of 61 countries based on an assessment conducted at Central Connecticut State University. So let’s look for entertainment while exploring knowledge and insight.

Not Just the Origin, Pay Attention to These 5 Things When You Want a Cheap Holiday Already a Backpacker

Backpacker-style holidays have been trendy lately. Many of you will definitely enjoy backpacker-style holidays. You who have the soul of adventure will definitely choose a backpacker-style vacation. Besides being cheap, your adrenaline for visiting extreme or exotic tourism objects will be the main agenda.

Well, for those of you who have never vacationed in this way you can try it. You don’t have to spend a lot of money when you choose this backpacker-style vacation.

There is no such thing as staying in a fully equipped hotel, a plane with business class or having dinner at an expensive restaurant. If you can vacation backpacker-style you bring your own tent to sleep with the beautiful nature of the destination.

Is it true that a backpacker-style vacation will trigger your adrenaline to want to adventure? Well, for those of you who have never had a backpacker-style vacation, you should pay attention to some of these things. Do not let you salt or bother yourself because of default or so on. Want to know what you need to know about beginner backpackers

  • Carrying a suitcase will only trouble you and eliminate the essence of the backpacker itself. Already, just bring a backpack!
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash via https://unsplash.com

Well, for those of you who want a vacation like this it would be nice not to carry a suitcase for your clothes. Carrying a suitcase will be very troublesome for you while on a backpacker-style vacation.

It’s not funny that you are vacationing in a mountainous area that you don’t want to have to go up a mountain or hill but carry a suitcase. It’s going to be a hassle guaranteed if you want to vacation with this mountain style kid.

The suitcase is the most suitable for those of you who want a vacation with complete facilities. For example, sleeping in a five-star hotel complete with facilities and so on.

  • Instead of later difficulties, bring first aid and reliable medicines in case of certain roads or seasons

This is really necessary for you who want a holiday style like this. Bring P3K one of the items that must be taken everywhere, especially if you want a vacation with the style of a mountain child.

If possible, you should take allergy medicine, rub oil for mosquito repellent and other friends. It’s also called a backpacker-style vacation, you will definitely explore the jungle or hills that have many insects.

  • Choose a backpack that has enough capacity. It doesn’t need to be expensive, the important thing is strong and durable

Well, this bag is really necessary for you who want a backpacker-style holiday using this bag. The shape is sturdy and fit all the things that are most fitting for a holiday with adventure.

It’s easy how to buy this bag is not expensive. You prepare money around Rp. 700 thousand, you can already get this carrier bag in e-commerce or shops that sell mountain tools.

  • It’s not really good for those of you who claim to be true backpackers but the departure is still wearing complicated clothes, such as dresses. Wear the most comfortable T-shirt and pants, really!

For you, especially women who want a holiday with this style, don’t ever wear a dress or dress. Will you bother if you vacation like this but wear a dress. As much as possible to wear clothes that make you move freely. Don’t make it difficult for yourself especially to make it difficult for others.

Plain T-shirts with mountain shorts or long can also be your choice during this mountain-style vacation. To buy these mountain pants, you only need to reach into the bag by providing money in the range of Rp. 300 thousand, you know.

  • Don’t forget footwear that will later accompany your adventure. Hmmm, don’t just use sandals.

Mountain shoes really need to be for you who want a mountain-style vacation. Sturdy mountain shoes will definitely protect your feet from injury. Especially if the area you visit is steep and very steep. As much as possible, avoid using casual shoes, especially shoes for girls.

How are you interested in this style of vacation? From now on you can know when and how much it costs for a backpacker-style inn. So if you choose this style vacation, don’t ever stay in a luxury hotel, choose a ward style. If possible, even sleep in the middle of the forest with your own tent.

For expenses that you have to spend on this mountain child vacation, for example, you want to go to India or Thailand, try to look at the price of airplane tickets and promos.

3 Destinations in Indonesia During the Rainy Season, Suitable for Spending Leave

Ranked to ninth inn with Instagramable swimming pools, Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali, Indonesia. (Www.telegraph.co.uk)

The rainy season arrives, but there is still a lot of leave and will end at the end of the year?

Don’t worry, because there are still various destinations in Indonesia that are interesting to visit even in the rainy season.

Ease of access, recreation in the room, and a list of warm foods, making traveling during the rain at this destination even more interesting. Here are three destinations to spend time off during the rainy season:

  • Ubud, Bali 

Access to tourist attractions in Ubud is fairly close and very good. In Ubud, travel can be done on foot, by ojek, or by taking a hotel shuttle bus and shuttle to tourist attractions such as Monkey Forest.

When it rains in Ubud it adds even more spiritual and calming atmosphere. Enjoy a variety of foods at famous local restaurants, cafes that serve good quality coffee, a spa at the hotel, and take art classes such as sculpturing, making silverware, and painting

  • Lasem, Central Java

This sub-district in Rembang is known as “Small China”. Just like Ubud, Lasem tourism access is easily reached. Because almost the entire building is fairly interesting to explore in terms of history and architecture.

In Lasem, tourists can take a historical tour, see and try to make the famous Lasem batik, and take part in a tolerance story class or tolerance tour organized by a local boarding school.

Don’t forget to eat lontong tuyuhan in the rain and chat with Lasem residents who are known to be warm to tourists.

  • Yogyakarta

Tourists can take part in various art classes for adults and children alike. Yogyakarta is also famous for having many well-preserved historical and cultural museums.

Just a culinary tour in Yogyakarta is also the right choice, because food choices are very diverse.

Feel the sensation of eating Javanese noodles or coffee jos after the rain has stopped at night. Yogyakarta is suitable to be visited every season, but the rain actually gives a romantic atmosphere to this Student City.

Are Not To Be Wrong, Get to Know the Differences of Direct and Nonstop Flights

For those who often travel abroad, the phrase direct flight or direct flight and nonstop or nonstop flight flights are certainly quite familiar. Although both are alternatives to achieving goals, there are some differences that can influence the decision to choose a flight.

Nonstop flights

Starting from nonstop flights, of course the term is clear that the aircraft does not make stops between departing airports until they arrive at their destination.

Aircraft Now flights like this are becoming more common as technology advances further reduce aircraft fuel consumption.

 Therefore, the aircraft no longer needs to refuel before reaching the destination.

When talking about rates, nonstop flights in general will be the most expensive option.

This flight will also usually appear at the very top of the search column.

Direct flight

Unlike non-stop flights, this type of direct flight will stop at one or more airports before reaching the final destination.

However, only one flight number is used until the destination. The aircraft will land at the airport before reaching its final destination for the purposes of boarding passengers.

It can also land planes to meet technical needs such as refueling. Examples of direct flights for example are from New York to Sydney.

The plane might stop in Los Angeles, but the flight number does not change when the plane continues on to Sydney.

When discussing rates, direct flights are cheaper than nonstop flights.

But the price of direct flights is still more expensive than advanced flights or connecting flights.

While in the search column, direct flights are usually in the middle between nonstop flights and advanced flights.

Direct flight passengers usually don’t need to get off the plane. But sometimes they have to go down because they need to replace the plane.

Although passengers go down and change planes, such trips can still be called direct flights because flight numbers are still the same.

That’s the difference between nonstop flights and direct flights. Nowadays, people still think that direct flights are nonstop flights.

One way to find out the type of trip is to look at the duration of the trip listed.

For example if air travel is usually three hours written longer, then it can indicate that the flight is not nonstop.

Japan Releases Tourist Train with Traditional Lodging Themes

When traveling in Japan, many tourists choose to stay at a Ryokan. Traditional Japanese lodging with tatami mats, wood and bamboo inetrior, and Japanese gardens.

Uniquely the concept of Ryokan can be felt by tourists on Japanese trains in 2019. Kyotrain Garaku, as the name of the tourist train with the concept of a ryokan, will be operated in March 2019.

A ryokan known for the first time since the 8th century, was adapted to the train interior. With a touch of natural brown color, tatami carpets and bamboo curtains.

Kyotrain Garaku, kereta wisata dengan tema penginapan tradisional di Jepang. (Dok. Lonely Planet) 

Not only that, the window partition is also made in such a way as a ryokan home stay. There are rounded levels, some are equipped with wooden partitions.

To feel the Kyotrain Garaku, tourists can follow the train route, from Kyoto to Osaka, commuting once every four days.

Each train has a different season theme, spring, fall, heat, and cold, but with the overall concept of the ryokan.

Kyotrain Garaku, Japanese tourist train. (Doc. Lonely Planet)

Travel by train is 45 minutes, with four stopping stations at Karasuma, Katsura, Awaji, and Juso. Ticket prices from Kyoto to Osaka and Kyotrain Garaku in the capital range around 400 Yen or equivalent to Rp. 55,000.