3 Beach Travel Destinations in Indonesia Suitable for Filming Aquaman Films. The charm is not lost!

Have you watched a DC movie, Aquaman? The superhero film with a figure with human ancestry and Atlantis is the most exciting film at the end of this year. Released on December 14, 2018, the film Aquaman successfully dominated the global box office ladder. Aquaman digadanggadang is one of the best films from DC Comics. No wonder cinemas are crowded with teenagers and young people to watch Aquaman’s films. Understandably, this film was released at the moment of school holidays at the end of the year. So euphoria is so lively in various theaters in big cities.

This time we just want to discuss tourist destinations in Indonesia that are also suitable for filming Aquaman. As an archipelago and has many beautiful beaches, Indonesia has many decent tourist attractions for filming the film. Where’s the beach?

Raja Ampat is a symbol of heavenly beauty in the ocean. Limestone hills and the beauty of colorful coral reefs, fit into the real setting of Atlantis. It seems that nothing can rival the beauty of Raja Ampat

raja ampat via www.liveaboard.com

Not only above the surface, the sea also contains extraordinary natural resources ranging from coral reefs to hordes of fish

rich in aquaman right via www.girlsthatscuba.com

Belitung has a lighthouse tower similar to the lighthouse where Arthur’s parents (Aquaman) meet. Try shooting it in Belitung, cute ‘right?

welcome to Belitung! via anekatempatwisata.com

Padar Island in the Komodo Islands can be the most suitable place to become the center of the Trench kingdom, where there are wild creatures who are the guards. It’s suitable, right there, it’s also famous for the ancient Komodo creatures that are still left

padar island via www.escapejournal.co

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