3 Destinations in Indonesia During the Rainy Season, Suitable for Spending Leave

Ranked to ninth inn with Instagramable swimming pools, Ubud Hanging Gardens, Bali, Indonesia. (Www.telegraph.co.uk)

The rainy season arrives, but there is still a lot of leave and will end at the end of the year?

Don’t worry, because there are still various destinations in Indonesia that are interesting to visit even in the rainy season.

Ease of access, recreation in the room, and a list of warm foods, making traveling during the rain at this destination even more interesting. Here are three destinations to spend time off during the rainy season:

  • Ubud, BaliĀ 

Access to tourist attractions in Ubud is fairly close and very good. In Ubud, travel can be done on foot, by ojek, or by taking a hotel shuttle bus and shuttle to tourist attractions such as Monkey Forest.

When it rains in Ubud it adds even more spiritual and calming atmosphere. Enjoy a variety of foods at famous local restaurants, cafes that serve good quality coffee, a spa at the hotel, and take art classes such as sculpturing, making silverware, and painting

  • Lasem, Central Java

This sub-district in Rembang is known as “Small China”. Just like Ubud, Lasem tourism access is easily reached. Because almost the entire building is fairly interesting to explore in terms of history and architecture.

In Lasem, tourists can take a historical tour, see and try to make the famous Lasem batik, and take part in a tolerance story class or tolerance tour organized by a local boarding school.

Don’t forget to eat lontong tuyuhan in the rain and chat with Lasem residents who are known to be warm to tourists.

  • Yogyakarta

Tourists can take part in various art classes for adults and children alike. Yogyakarta is also famous for having many well-preserved historical and cultural museums.

Just a culinary tour in Yogyakarta is also the right choice, because food choices are very diverse.

Feel the sensation of eating Javanese noodles or coffee jos after the rain has stopped at night. Yogyakarta is suitable to be visited every season, but the rain actually gives a romantic atmosphere to this Student City.

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