5 Nonsense Items Carried by Airplane Passengers in 2018.

For those who have already boarded a plane, they must know that not all items can get on the plane. For example sharp objects such as knives, chemicals in the form of gases, blunt objects, processed products from animals, and also liquid objects more than 100 milliliters, and others. Powerbank also has rules for the game, not just Powerbanks can enter the plane.

In 2018 there were various ‘strange’ and unreasonable items that were carried by passengers to board the plane. The items were uploaded on Instagram @tsa, namely the transportation security department in America. Fortunately, the airport security has secured the items before entering the plane.

  • Python snakes want to be brought into the cabin by inserting it into a hard drive. Do you think this passenger is healthy or not, how come you can bring a python to the airport?
  • One of the plane passengers at the St Louis Airport airport brought a neatly wrapped sword. Bring a sword like this, maybe the passenger is going to war next time. It’s really dangerous to bring a sword like this
  • Everyone should know that carrying bombs is strictly prohibited anywhere, including at the airport. So even carrying a replica or a fake bomb won’t work. Very horror if you know there is a bomb on the plane. At the Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD) airport there were passengers who were caught carrying replicas of bombs
  • Still at the same airport, there are also passengers who carry axes with scary looks like this. Obviously it will be secured by airport officials
  • Bringing fireworks or firecrackers has also been carried out by a passenger at the Detroit Metro airport. Don’t try it, surely I’ll be caught

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