It turns out this is the most luxurious airplane in the world, imagine you are traveling by driving it

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Traveling in a comfortable vehicle is everyone’s dream. Especially if you can use a vehicle that is special or even luxurious. Etihad Airways embodies this dream by turning its A380 aircraft into a more luxurious, private apartment. More than a year ago, the airline company modified its aircraft, including its exterior appearance.

As reported by, this aircraft consists of two floors which are divided into 4 classes: economy class, business class, first class, and resident class. Luxury classes are located on the top floor, while economy class is on the lower floor. FYI, the economy class is super comfortable. Curious, what are the conditions on the plane? Let’s pretend to ride this plane with Hipwee!

  • Welcome Etihad Airways passengers, thank you for choosing our airline
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  • This is the resident class display, the most luxurious class on the most luxurious aircraft. The area is 12 square meters specifically for 2 people.
  • Prices for this class, from Abu Dhabi to London, cost almost 300 million Rupiah and have been sold for the next year
  • The facilities are a living room (there is a mini theater), a bedroom, and a bathroom with a shower. This is his bedroom, ulala ~
  • For first class passengers, the room is no less luxurious. With an area of 5 square meters it costs around 120 million rupiahs, you want?
  • In the first class, the partitions have windows that can be opened and allow you to chat with “neighbors”
  • Rest rooms in the first class are no less luxurious, surely make you feel at home and comfortable
  • You can turn the chair into a bed and enjoy delicious food and your favorite TV shows
  • Each passenger also gets high-quality facilities during the trip, from toothbrushes to headphones
  • Intrigued by the aircraft cabin? This is the room
  • Usually the cabin crew rest in this place, located right behind the cabin

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