Japan Releases Tourist Train with Traditional Lodging Themes

When traveling in Japan, many tourists choose to stay at a Ryokan. Traditional Japanese lodging with tatami mats, wood and bamboo inetrior, and Japanese gardens.

Uniquely the concept of Ryokan can be felt by tourists on Japanese trains in 2019. Kyotrain Garaku, as the name of the tourist train with the concept of a ryokan, will be operated in March 2019.

A ryokan known for the first time since the 8th century, was adapted to the train interior. With a touch of natural brown color, tatami carpets and bamboo curtains.

Kyotrain Garaku, kereta wisata dengan tema penginapan tradisional di Jepang. (Dok. Lonely Planet) 

Not only that, the window partition is also made in such a way as a ryokan home stay. There are rounded levels, some are equipped with wooden partitions.

To feel the Kyotrain Garaku, tourists can follow the train route, from Kyoto to Osaka, commuting once every four days.

Each train has a different season theme, spring, fall, heat, and cold, but with the overall concept of the ryokan.

Kyotrain Garaku, Japanese tourist train. (Doc. Lonely Planet)

Travel by train is 45 minutes, with four stopping stations at Karasuma, Katsura, Awaji, and Juso. Ticket prices from Kyoto to Osaka and Kyotrain Garaku in the capital range around 400 Yen or equivalent to Rp. 55,000.

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