Let’s Find Entertainment While Adding Knowledge and Insight!

Running a monotonous daily routine often makes us bored. Have you ever felt like living like this, repeatedly doing the same activities, like a robot controlled by time? Well, if you feel like that, it’s good to immediately take time for refreshing. Talking about refreshing, is closely related to tourist attractions. Visiting tourist attractions or sightseeing is something that is very popular with children, considering the world of children is the world of play and learning. Not only popular with children, for adults even sightseeing can be used for quality time with family and refreshing the brain from a variety of fatigue. There are various tourist attractions that we can make a destination, besides playing, there are also tourist attractions that offer science for us.

  • Zoo

Zoos are the right choice for introducing various kinds of animals to children, both from the names of animals and their groups. Besides being able to see animals directly, visiting zoos is also one way to grow love for animals.

  • Museum

Other tourist destinations that can add knowledge are museums. In addition to presenting historical information, the museum also displays the cultural heritage of the people that are preserved there. Historical heritage in the museum also depends on the type of museum.

  • Planetarium

Not only offering entertainment, visiting a planetarium can also increase knowledge, especially about the history of the universe. In addition to being able to enjoy the thrill of performing the movements of stars and celestial objects, you can also find out about astronomy from various books and journals available in the library there. There are several planetariums in Indonesia that you can make a destination, one of them is the Jakarta Planetarium

  • Sea World

If you are a fan of marine animals, but are afraid to dive, then visiting Sea World is one of the right ways. Sea World is located in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, North Jakarta. Not only is the miniature of marine life beautifully presented, you can also add insight into marine life from the information printed under the aquarium. In addition to collecting various types of marine life, Sea World was also developed to increase knowledge about the life of freshwater biota.

  • Bookstore

Looking for entertainment that does not only have to go to a tourist spot, you can make an alternative bookstore to get rid of fatigue in carrying out the routine. In addition to refreshing because of the new atmosphere, to bookstores is one of the efforts to increase our reading interest. Reporting from Lombok Pos (Jawa Pos Group), Indonesia’s literacy rate is ranked 60th out of 61 countries based on an assessment conducted at Central Connecticut State University. So let’s look for entertainment while exploring knowledge and insight.

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