Not Just the Origin, Pay Attention to These 5 Things When You Want a Cheap Holiday Already a Backpacker

Backpacker-style holidays have been trendy lately. Many of you will definitely enjoy backpacker-style holidays. You who have the soul of adventure will definitely choose a backpacker-style vacation. Besides being cheap, your adrenaline for visiting extreme or exotic tourism objects will be the main agenda.

Well, for those of you who have never vacationed in this way you can try it. You don’t have to spend a lot of money when you choose this backpacker-style vacation.

There is no such thing as staying in a fully equipped hotel, a plane with business class or having dinner at an expensive restaurant. If you can vacation backpacker-style you bring your own tent to sleep with the beautiful nature of the destination.

Is it true that a backpacker-style vacation will trigger your adrenaline to want to adventure? Well, for those of you who have never had a backpacker-style vacation, you should pay attention to some of these things. Do not let you salt or bother yourself because of default or so on. Want to know what you need to know about beginner backpackers

  • Carrying a suitcase will only trouble you and eliminate the essence of the backpacker itself. Already, just bring a backpack!
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Well, for those of you who want a vacation like this it would be nice not to carry a suitcase for your clothes. Carrying a suitcase will be very troublesome for you while on a backpacker-style vacation.

It’s not funny that you are vacationing in a mountainous area that you don’t want to have to go up a mountain or hill but carry a suitcase. It’s going to be a hassle guaranteed if you want to vacation with this mountain style kid.

The suitcase is the most suitable for those of you who want a vacation with complete facilities. For example, sleeping in a five-star hotel complete with facilities and so on.

  • Instead of later difficulties, bring first aid and reliable medicines in case of certain roads or seasons

This is really necessary for you who want a holiday style like this. Bring P3K one of the items that must be taken everywhere, especially if you want a vacation with the style of a mountain child.

If possible, you should take allergy medicine, rub oil for mosquito repellent and other friends. It’s also called a backpacker-style vacation, you will definitely explore the jungle or hills that have many insects.

  • Choose a backpack that has enough capacity. It doesn’t need to be expensive, the important thing is strong and durable

Well, this bag is really necessary for you who want a backpacker-style holiday using this bag. The shape is sturdy and fit all the things that are most fitting for a holiday with adventure.

It’s easy how to buy this bag is not expensive. You prepare money around Rp. 700 thousand, you can already get this carrier bag in e-commerce or shops that sell mountain tools.

  • It’s not really good for those of you who claim to be true backpackers but the departure is still wearing complicated clothes, such as dresses. Wear the most comfortable T-shirt and pants, really!

For you, especially women who want a holiday with this style, don’t ever wear a dress or dress. Will you bother if you vacation like this but wear a dress. As much as possible to wear clothes that make you move freely. Don’t make it difficult for yourself especially to make it difficult for others.

Plain T-shirts with mountain shorts or long can also be your choice during this mountain-style vacation. To buy these mountain pants, you only need to reach into the bag by providing money in the range of Rp. 300 thousand, you know.

  • Don’t forget footwear that will later accompany your adventure. Hmmm, don’t just use sandals.

Mountain shoes really need to be for you who want a mountain-style vacation. Sturdy mountain shoes will definitely protect your feet from injury. Especially if the area you visit is steep and very steep. As much as possible, avoid using casual shoes, especially shoes for girls.

How are you interested in this style of vacation? From now on you can know when and how much it costs for a backpacker-style inn. So if you choose this style vacation, don’t ever stay in a luxury hotel, choose a ward style. If possible, even sleep in the middle of the forest with your own tent.

For expenses that you have to spend on this mountain child vacation, for example, you want to go to India or Thailand, try to look at the price of airplane tickets and promos.

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