Practical Guide to Make Passports Immediately Go Abroad. Whoever You Are, Definitely Need This!

The data-based era of civilization is not a ‘wow’ thing when traveling abroad. Easier access, more cheap airline tickets, up to the trend of backpacking that doesn’t drain the bag should be enough reason to go abroad. Especially now there are almost no difficulties, besides your finances. But it can be tricked anyway. One thing that you should have and cannot be bargained for, that is passport! Why is the passport important? A passport is your identity while you are abroad. Whether your destination is learning, traveling or just taking a conference, your passport is the most important thing you have.

Let your plans abroad be more beautiful, Hipwee Travel will help you make your passport easily. It’s quite a bit rempong, but hopefully you can understand this explanation. Come see carefully and immediately make your own passport.

The first stage, you must have an intention to go abroad. You don’t have to now, but later you want to go abroad. Let your passport be useful. It’s a shame, it’s already made but it’s not used!

A passport is an official document issued by a country that contains the identity of the passport owner in the form of name, photo, signature, place of birth, national information and other information to travel between countries. A passport will be checked on the border between countries as a document of entry from one country to another. Well, you know the importance of a passport. You have to have it so you can go abroad immediately.

For those of you who want to go abroad whether you want to go to school, work, traveling or just a conference, you must prepare your passport if you don’t have one. While if you have no plans abroad, make your passport first. Later you will not collapse when suddenly you have to go abroad. For example, get a work call in Singapore, want to honeymoon in Nepal or just get a promo ticket to Thailand. You must be ready when those moments come. Let me not bother to take care of it impromptuly. I just made it. At the same time pray for going abroad immediately.

Next, you must specify whether you want to make your passport online or offline. Both of them have their own plus and minus.

If you want to make it online, you register via the official website provided by the Directorate General of Immigration of the Republic of Indonesia. If you are clueless, just go offline or come alone and queue at the Immigration Office. The advantage of online is that you can complete your files directly through an online mechanism or via the internet. Practical and does not waste time. More efficient and easier too. But precisely the weakness of the online system is that it cannot be taken care of one day.

Well, the offline system does make you queue long at the Immigration Office. But if you get lucky when the queue is a little you can even directly collect files, interviews and just pay in just a matter of hours. You only need to go there again to pick it up when the passport is ready. Well, it’s even more efficient. Just have to wait in line. Things that for some people are considered a waste of time.

Okay, we will discuss the online passport registration procedure first. Complete explanation on the next page. Let’s be well understood.

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