The Coldest Village in the World The Temperature Reaches -67 Degrees Celsius.

Hipwee Travel has often discussed beautiful, unique, Instagramable villages to the richest villages in the world. The villages always steal attention and make people curious to visit it. Especially with the presence of social media, the trend of traveling to villages has also increased.

But what about this one village, Oymyakon. Are you interested in visiting this remote village in Siberia, Russia? What is there in the village? The village of Oymyakon in Siberia is a village predicated as the coldest village in the world! The average temperature in January as of now reaches -50 degrees Celsius, you know!

Come see interesting facts in the village of Oymyakon reported by the Daily Mail.

The village of Oymyakon is the coldest place on the face of the earth inhabited by residents. The coldest temperature record was recorded by a thermometer at a temperature of -67 degrees Celsius

A village in Siberia, Russia, named Oymyakon was named the coldest village in the world. This village is the coldest place that humans still live in. In 1933, the coldest record ever reached -67 degrees Celsius. Finally, a digital thermometer breaks when the temperature is at -62 degrees Celsius. Indeed, Antarctica records cooler temperatures, but no humans live there. This village is 2 days away from the provincial capital, Yakutsk. This city is also the coldest city in the world. With an average temperature of -50 degrees Celsius, you can imagine the life of Oymyakon’s residents. How come the humans live there?

This is the extreme reality that happened there. If you go out in the winter, your hair and eyebrows will soon become full because of ice. Horrified too …

Many things don’t make sense when at extreme temperatures. One example is eyelashes and eyebrows and immediately filled with ice when you go out in winter. The ink pen often froze, the glasses froze and stuck to the face, the car fuel froze and the cellphone battery dropped immediately and there was no signal that could enter there. Even to bury humans is a hassle. It took 3 days to bury the body because of the hardness of the land that had been covered with ice. Digging it must also be by melting the ice first with hot coal, then digging little by little until enough for a coffin. It’s really extreme living in a place like this.

This village was once a stopover for deer herders around 1920-1930’s. The government of the Soviet Union also made this haven into the Village of Oymyakon. Strong super humans live there

This village is inhabited by 500 villagers who can be classified as strong humans because they can live in super-extreme places like this. As a comparison, Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal (4,130 masl) which is covered in thick snow when winter just falls -20 degrees and feels very painful in the body. How can you live at an average temperature of -50 degrees if you are not a strong human being.

Most of their jobs are deer herders, hunters and also fish finders. Because there are no plants that can grow here, they always eat venison, fish or horses. Their nutrition is sufficient because the milk they consume contains many micronutrient nutrients.

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